25rds – 9mm +P Hornady American Gunner 124gr. XTP JHP Ammo


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Hornady Ammunition 124 Grain XTP Ammo Details

Self-defense with a 9mm handgun – that’s all you’re looking for, and this 9mm +P ammunition by Hornady American Gunner is all you need!

This round’s 124 grain bullet is specifically designed for personal protection. XTP stands for “eXtreme Terminal Performance,” which the bullet provides in the form of rapid expansion. The XTP’s gilding metal jacket is divided up by precise serrations, which strategically weaken it to ensure it can expand uniformly even at lower velocities. The XTP controls its rate of expansion even further thanks to the varying thicknesses spanning its jacket’s entire length.

The XTP’s jacket also covers the rim of its nose cavity, thus helping a semi-auto to feed with a lower chance of jamming. And the XTP is also accurate – Hornady is renowned for the concentricity of their bullet jackets, and the XTP’s swaged lead core boasts virtually perfect balance for in-flight stability.

This is a +P cartridge. It has the same dimensions as any other 9mm load, but it’s loaded to a higher pressure to give its bullet an amped up muzzle velocity: 1,175 fps out of a 4” barrel. Nearly any modern 9mm handgun can safely fire 9mm +P ammo including those made by Glock, SIG Sauer, Taurus, S&W and Springfield, but do check first before ordering.

This American-made 9mm +P ammo is brass-cased, non-corrosive, and high-quality. Order a box and your handgun will be a capable tool for self-defense soon!
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  • ☆☆☆☆☆

    posted on by Chris W

    Great Defense round. Excellent expansion and punch. Definitely rivals Federal HST and you get 5 more rounds.

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