25rds - 12 Gauge Winchester Super-X 2 3/4" Black Powder Blank Ammo


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This is 12 Gauge Winchester Super-X 2 3/4" 6 Dram Equivalent Black Powder Blank Ammo. This is a quality black powder blank. Features realistic loud report, and visible smoke effect, and is good for field training. Use safety precautions when using blank ammunition. This ammo comes packed in 25rd. boxes.

While intended for less-than-lethal force, this ammo can still cause serious injury or death under certain circumstances, like use in close proximity to your target. Be sure to handle a rifle, pistol or shotgun loaded with it the same way you would any other.


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    Very loud and effective! Much louder and deeper sound than the light Fiocci smokeless powder blanks. Powerful enough to cycle a semi-auto, but don't use it in one. I did. If you are lucky, you may get three or four shots before it jams up. Extremely dirty, even after just one shot! Use a single shot or double barrel. I spent at least a couple of hours cleaning my shotgun, firing it, then recleaning it again. ;-) I think it is finally reliable again for regular loads to cycle.

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    We use this to start sailboat races. Bottom line they are super load and can be heard for miles over open water. Double ear pro recommended.

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