250rds – 410 Bore Winchester Super-X 3" 1/4oz. Rifled HP Slug Ammo

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250rds – 410 Bore Winchester Super-X 3" 1/4oz. Rifled HP Slug Ammo Details

Winchester Super-X: no fancy frills, bells or whistles. Just the tried-and-true performance that delivers great results whether you’re tagging deer or plinking targets. These 3” 410 Bore slug loads are mighty powerful (relatively speaking), and make a great pick when you’re trying to get as much juice as you can out of your shotgun or Judge revolver.

When fired in a long gun, this round accelerates its slug to a velocity of 1,800 fps. Its 1/4 ounce weight and 0.059 G1 ballistic coefficient enable the slug to deliver a respectably flat trajectory: sight in at 100 yards, and drop at 150 should be approximately -11.3”. The slug’s rifling makes it compatible with chokes, and its hollow point nose cavity dishes out the terminal expansion that kills medium game deader, quicker.

Whether you’re hunting or roughing up targets at the range, you’re sure to appreciate this American-made ammo’s straight hulls, clean-burning powder and surefire primers. Order the case and you’ll get 50 individual five-round boxes – not to mention surprisingly fast shipping, which just so happens to be our specialty.
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    410 Gauge
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