250rds – 28 Gauge Fiocchi 2-3/4" 3/4oz. #8 Shot Ammo


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250rds – 28 Gauge Fiocchi 2-3/4" 3/4oz. #8 Shot Ammo Details

This 28 Gauge shell by Fiocchi is loaded with 3/4 ounces of #8 lead shot. Its roughly 300 .09” diameter pellets are excellent for killing dove and quail with their decent spread at about 100 feet, and they won’t mangle your trophies beyond recognition. This shot is exceedingly hard, which along with its shell’s even patterning wad assures you’ll receive an accurate and consistent spread with every shot.

This shell boasts an impressively high muzzle velocity of 1,300 fps. That will help a great deal while you’re hunting for flighty and unpredictable game, as you’ll have to lead your shot substantially less in order to get a good hit. It also delivers the extra punch you need to puncture tough brush and thick plumage alike.

This shell soundly reflects its manufacturer’s considerable experience making fine ammunition: Its hull is strong, its propellant is clean burning, and its primer is nice and responsive. And while Fiocchi is based in Italy, this shell is satisfyingly made right here in America!
  • Manufacturer
  • Condition
  • Bullet Weight
    3/4 oz.
  • Bullet Type
    #8 Shot
  • Use Type
    Sporting Clays, Upland Game
  • Quantity
  • Ammo Caliber
    28 Gauge
  • Manufacturer SKU
  • Shot Material
  • Shell Length
  • Muzzle Velocity
  • UPC Barcode
  • Cost Per Round


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