250rds - 12 Gauge Fiocchi Demolition Door/Lock Breaching Ammo 2 3/4

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  • Manufacturer SKU 12LEDEMO25

This is 12 Gauge Fiocchi Demolition Door/Lock Breaching Ammo. The Fiocchi Demolition breaching round is for use in special-operations dynamic entries, where doors and locks must quickly and effectively be breached to allow the entry team rapid access to the area. The projectile is a composite of powdered metal and epoxy that eliminates ricochet. The round may be used for destruction of door locks, door hinges, padlocks and chains. It may also be used as an explosive ordnance disposal disrupter round. Due to the nature of the round, the muzzle of the gun must not be in contact with the surface of the target, although a standoff device is not necessary. This product is packaged in 25 round boxes.

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