250rds – 12 Gauge Fiocchi 3 Gun Match 2-3/4" 7/8oz. Rifled Slug Ammo

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250rds – 12 Gauge Fiocchi 3 Gun Match 2-3/4" 7/8oz. Rifled Slug Ammo Details

Are you preparing for a big 3-Gun Shooting match? Then you’ve found the right slug for the job. This shell represents a partnership between preeminent Italian manufacturer Fiocchi and master championship shooter Jerry Miculek, and features some truly useful features for intense training and competition.

This shell’s clear plastic hull lets you immediately identify its defining feature: its 7/8 ounce rifled slug, which is coated in red teflon. That high tech coating helps to prevent the slug from producing smoke when it strikes steel, thus helping you to keep your target in focus. Fiocchi’s distinctive hull ends with a special hard, radiused crimp, which greatly facilitates reloading during competition when every second counts.

Fiocchi designed this shell’s slug for a smoothbore, but a rifled bore will give you great results as well. Fiocchi’s sensitive primers, clean burning propellant, hard brass heads, and superlative loading techniques are exactly what you want to have on your side while you’re competing.
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    12 Gauge
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