20rds – 8x51R Lebel Prvi Partizan 200gr. FMJ Ammo

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20rds – 8x51R Lebel Prvi Partizan 200gr. FMJ Ammo Details

This 8×50R Lebel (alternately designated as the 8x51R Lebel by the C.I.P.) cartridge by Prvi Partizan sports a 200 grain projectile, which is 32 grains lighter than the bullet the round offered when it was first introduced in 1886. Instead of the original’s flat nosed wadcutter, this round’s bullet has a pointed tip which better suits it for long-range shooting. The bullet’s full metal jacket lessens bore fouling, a feature of particular value for antique rifles, and facilitates penetration through a variety of targets. Prvi Partizan’s factory fresh brass casing is worthy of multiple reloading projects, an attractive feature for so uncommon a cartridge.

Prvi Partizan specializes in making unusual ammunition -- until 2009, you simply couldn’t find new production 8×50R Lebel from a modern ammunition manufacturer. As the first smokeless powder cartridge formally adopted by any country, it’s good to see that the historically significant 8×50R Lebel stays alive and well. We would hate to see any ammunition become unavailable, even if there was only one guy left on earth who had the firearm it takes to use it.
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    8 x 50R LEBEL
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