20rds – 5.56x45 Winchester 62gr. FMJ M855 Ammo


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Winchester Ammunition 62 Grain Penetrator Ammo Details

Looking for good 5.56x45 ammunition for long-range target practice? Check out this 5.56 M855 ammunition by Winchester! Its 62 grain bullet weighs seven grains more than the standard M193 cartridge’s bullet, which is how it retains more momentum downrange and does a better job of resisting wind deflection.

The M855 projectile looks like a conventional FMJ – with the exception of the green paint on its tip. That is a visual reminder that the M855 bullet contains a steel “penetrator” tip, which helps it to pierce sheet metal and other barriers within ranges of several hundred yards. The lead rear section and steel front section of the M855 bullet’s core may also break apart as the bullet enters a soft medium, thus inflicting twice as many wound channels. You may not care about the M855 bullet’s barrier penetration and terminal ballistics, and only wish to witness its long-distance accuracy. But if your range bans magnetic ammo, then you will care about the M855 bullet’s ability to attract a magnet.

This ammo’s brass cases have discolored necks. They are fresh out of the factory, and they are reloadable. The cases were simply heat-treated for enhanced durability during the annealing process, but Winchester didn’t bother polishing them up to make them look prettier.
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    posted on by William

    This place is awesome..supper fast shipping order 130am on a Sunday to my door by 12pm Tuesday...good ammo and not too bad of a price for this time

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    posted on by Mike Rumney

    Grate round for the price bought 80 rounds

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    posted on by Mike Rumney

    Great rounds just need to order a lot more ... :)

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