20rds - 460 Weatherby Magnum 450gr. Barnes TSX Ammo

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  • Casing Type Brass
  • Bullet Weight 450 Grain
  • Manufacturer SKU B460450TSX
  • Primer Type Boxer

This is .460 Weatherby Magnum 450gr. Barnes TSX Ammo. Introduced in 1958 and considered to be the world’s largest, most powerful shoulder-fired cartridge. The .460 Weatherby shoots a 500 grain bullet at 2,600 fps, delivering an incredible 7,507 foot pounds of muzzle energy. That’s 50 percent more energy than the .458 Winchester. Heavy recoil to be sure, but few hunters who need to stop a charging Rhino or Cape Buffalo complain. Nearly four tons of smashing power makes the .460 the only choice for Africa’s most dangerous game. This ammo comes packed in 20rds. per box.

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