20rds - 45 Auto Rim Buffalo Bore Standard Pressure 225gr. Wadcutter Ammo

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Buffalo Bore 225 Grain Lead Wadcutter Ammo Details

This is a 45 Auto Rim Buffalo Bore Standard Pressure 225gr. Wadcutter. It utilizes the same bullet as the Buffalo Bore 45 Colt Anti-Personnel round (Item 3I). This bullet will penetrate around 28 inches in flesh and bone and makes a large permanent crush cavity because of its wad cutter profile. This load is the power/pressure level equivalent of  45 ACP +P ammo and is safe to use in all modern 45 ACP revolvers, including any/all (even pre war) 1917 model revolvers in normal operating condition. Flash suppressed powders are used in this ammo so that flash blindness is mitigated as much as possible when shooting in a low light situation. The 225gr. wad cutter bullet is hard cast and properly lubed and will not substantially lead foul your barrel even after extensive shooting sessions, nor will the bullet fragment, smear or mushroom on impact with flesh and bone, thus insuring very straight and deep penetration with a consistent crush cavity throughout its path. This ammo comes packed in 20rd. boxes. Muzzle Velocity: 950fps.

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