20rds - 45 ACP Buffalo Bore 160gr. +P Barnes TAC-XP Lead Free HP Ammo

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  • Bullet Weight 160 Grain
  • Manufacturer SKU 45160LF

This is a 45 ACP Buffalo Bore 160gr. +P Barnes TAC-XP Lead Free Hollow Point Ammo. This high velocity 45 ACP+P load offers numerous tactical advantages for anyone using their 45 ACP pistol for anti-personnel purposes. First, this load is operating at velocities of normal +P 9MM 115gr. ammo, yet it is a 45 caliber, 160gr. bullet. Second, this load will penetrate roughly 15 to 18 inches of penetration in flesh and bone, depending on which bones are hit. Third, this load generates relatively low recoil because of the light weight bullet, which assists in fast follow-up shots. Fourth, Buffalo Bore is as per the usual design, using a low flash powder, so the shooter is not blinded by his own gunfire should he be required to drop the hammer in low light, when the criminal element is most active. This 45 ACP +P load is safe for use in ALL 45 ACP pistols that are in normal operating condition. This ammo is brass-cased, boxer primed, and non-corrosive. It comes packed in 20rd. boxes. Muzzle Velocity: 1250 fps.

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