20rds - 44 Mag Speer Gold Dot Short Barrel 200gr. HP Ammo

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  • Casing Type Nickel-Plated Brass
  • Bullet Weight 200 Grain
  • Bullet Type Jacketed Hollow-Point (JHP)
  • Manufacturer SKU 23971@
  • Muzzle Energy 513
  • Muzzle Velocity 1075
  • Primer Type Boxer

This is 44 Mag Speer Gold Dot Short Barrel 200gr. Hollow Point Ammo. This ammo is designed specifically for short barrel compact guns. It is designed to give you the velocity needed out of a short barrel weapon to get optimum expansion at short ranges. This is the ultimate personnal protection ammo for compact concealed handguns. This ammo contains a special powder formulation and bullet jacket to acheive the the desired results. This ammo comes packed in 20rd. boxes.

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