20rds - 380 Auto Liberty Civil Defense 50gr. SCHP Ammo

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  • Casing Type Nickel-Plated Brass
  • Bullet Weight 50 Grain
  • Manufacturer SKU LA-CD-380-023
  • Muzzle Energy 250
  • Muzzle Velocity 1500
  • Primer Type Boxer

The 380 Auto is a great self defense round, especially for those who cannot or do not want to take the heavy kick of larger rounds. In addition, this round has proven its efficacy through multiple wars, showing itself to be a great round for protecting yourself. Not only is it a proven round, it is a great round for concealed carry due to the size of the handguns that carry it.

If you are looking to defend yourself, but don't want the danger that comes with lead ammunition, Liberty Civil Defense is your round of choice. Stop your assailants with these solid copper hollow point rounds and their energy capacity. With these 50 grain, high energy output rounds, you shouldn't have a problem stopping any threat that tries to harm you.

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