20rds – 38 Special +P Winchester Defender 130gr. PDX1 Bonded JHP Ammo


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Winchester Ammunition 130 Grain Jacketed Hollow-Point (JHP) Ammo Details

This 38 Special +P cartridge is from the Defender line of ammunition, which Winchester designed with the exacting standards of the FBI’s stringent test protocol squarely in mind. Its 130 grain PDX1 jacketed hollow point projectile features six notches around its brim which serve to guarantee that expansion reliably takes place, even if the bullet’s velocity has been slowed by distance or penetration through thick clothing. This bullet’s tendency to reliably expand to one and a half times its original diameter makes it particularly lethal to the receiving party, and because the bullet’s jacket and core are welded together the PDX1 promises deep terminal performance as well.

Like its bullet, this round’s primer and propellant provide the reliability necessary for true peace of mind. Corrosion won’t soon affect this cartridge’s nickel plated brass casing, either. Please note that this is a +P round, and that you’d better only fire it in an appropriate firearm lest you risk losing your ability to properly express your sentiments to people who’ve cut you off in traffic.
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    38 Special
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