20rds – 375 Ruger Hornady Dangerous Game Series 270gr. SP-RP Ammo


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20rds – 375 Ruger Hornady Dangerous Game Series 270gr. SP-RP Ammo Details

A Hornady Dangerous Game Series cartridge is soaked in great quality, making it the ammo of choice for the serious safari hunter who understands that a single hiccup could spell the difference between a beautiful new mount in their study and being stomped flatter than a topographical map of Nebraska. This round has been loaded with the utmost care, and not only features the finest brass casing and non-corrosive that Hornady is able to produce, but also Superperformance propellant that is carefully matched to deliver the optimum pressure and velocity for its caliber.

This round’s 270 grain SP-RP (spire point - recoil proof) projectile is designed so as to prevent its tip from deforming under the pressure of recoil, preserving its accuracy. It is an InterLock bullet, with a raised ring and cannelure that lock its one-piece core and jacket soundly together to prevent their separation during penetration. This bullet’s interior grooves strategically weaken its jacket to ensure consistent mushrooming, and its jacket’s special tapering control said expansion at virtually any velocity. Remember, a lion does not like to be shot -- don’t give one even an instant to show you its disapproval at your having done so to it.
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    270 Grain
  • Bullet Type
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    Safari Hunting
  • Casing Type
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  • Ammo Caliber
    375 Ruger
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