20rds – 350 Legend Winchester Super-X 180gr. Power Point Ammo

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Winchester Ammunition 180 Grain Power-Point (PP) Ammo Details

Winchester’s Power Point bullet has been around for over half a century. It doesn’t owe that kind of staying power to flashy gimmicks or clever marketing -- the simple, inexpensive bullet just simply works. This 350 Legend round’s 180 grain projectile has an exposed lead tip that enables it to mushroom widely shortly after the moment of impact, and its strengthening copper jacket wears little notches which ensure that expansion occurs along a reliable axis. It’s a great, versatile soft point projectile that you’ll absolutely love for hunting.

Winchester wouldn’t disservice their own caliber by outfitting this Super-X cartridge with inferior components. These rounds sport uniform brass casings that’ll be of great value for later handloading, and their primers and propellant charges ensure the consistent muzzle velocity which successful long range shots hinge upon. Whether you’re after deer or hogs, you’ll like this round’s performance as much as its comfy price tag!
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