20rds – 350 Legend Winchester Defender 160gr. Bonded PHP Ammo


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Winchester Ammunition 160 Grain Hollow Point Ammo Details

Is the 350 Legend the first rifle you’d want for personal protection? Probably not, unless you were defending yourself against deer in Wisconsin. But wouldn’t you really rather have ideal self-defense ammo for every rifle you own, just in case something truly foul transpires?

Each cartridge is outfitted with a protected hollow point bullet, which is enhanced to promote smooth feeding and expand devastatingly shortly after penetrating the threat.

The PHP’s core is welded to its jacket, which makes certain the bullet will retain the weight it needs to reach the vital organs even if it has to pierce a thick barrier en route to the target. The bonded PHP achieves a ballistic coefficient of 0.205; it will transfer an even 1,000 ft lbs of energy to its target at 150 yards.

This round is designed for even more surefire feeding thanks to its case’s rebated rim and nickel plating – the latter of which additionally guards against corrosion that can complicate cycling. Winchester’s sleek and shiny case is also reloadable, and their primers are non-corrosive as a rule.
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