20rds – 308 Win Federal 180gr. Trophy Bonded Tip Ammo

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Federal Ammunition 180 Grain Trophy Bonded Tip Ammo Details

Are you looking to up the ante this hunting season with a 308 Win round that’s designed in every way to help you bag a whitetail? Then look no further, because this cartridge boasts the 180 grain Trophy Bonded Tip projectile. This bullet’s polymer tip flattens its trajectory in flight to enhance its accuracy, lets it deliver superior energy, and serves to commence rapid expansion on impact. The bullet’s jacket is solidly bonded to its core, permitting it to retain an exceptional amount of its weight during penetration. Its solid shank further assures deep penetration, even through solid bone, and its exterior skiving helps it to expand in a predictable fashion so you’ve a better chance of hitting a vital.

This cartridge’s brass casing is nickel plated, which protects it from corrosion and gives it increased lubricity for easy extraction. It additionally offers Federal’s Gold Medal primer and a propellant that is specially formulated with additives that reduce copper fouling.
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