20rds – 300 AAC Blackout Black Hills 220gr. OTM Subsonic Ammo

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Black Hills Ammunition 220 Grain Open Tip Match Ammo Details

This 300 AAC Blackout cartridge by Black Hills takes advantage of its caliber’s ability to carry a heavy 220 grain bullet so that it can boast a muzzle velocity of only 1,000 fps. As the result this round is especially quiet when it’s fired -- not to the point that you’d want to implement it without ear protection, but still less raucous than a full speed load. It’s a perfect round to fire from a rifle that’s outfitted with a suppressor, as doing so will make your shots exceptionally discreet.

Black Hills gave this cartridge an open tip match projectile. Granted, the bullet’s heavier weight will cause its trajectory to trail off a bit faster downrange, but an OTM’s evenly distributed core, rear-focused weight distribution, and narrow hollow point meplat means this round will certainly let you hit your target if you’d only take care to aim it well. Black Hills’ brass casing is strong and reliable, so you can try your hand at making your own subsonic ammunition after working your way through this box of cartridges.
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    Open Tip Match
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    Match Shooting, Range Training
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    300 AAC Blackout
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