20rds – 30 Super Carry Federal Personal Defense HST 100gr. JHP Ammo


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Federal Ammunition 100 Grain Jacketed Hollow-Point (JHP) Ammo Details

You don’t have to be FBI to fire ammunition that satisfies the agency’s own standards for performance. You only need Federal Personal Defense HST for that! This 30 Super Carry cartridge is loaded with Federal’s own 100 grain HST style jacketed hollow point – a bullet designed to put the odds back in your favor.

This round’s JHP is unusually durable. Penetrating tough barriers doesn’t cause it to fragment apart, and it retains more weight and conserves more momentum as the result. That is how the HST bullet so consistently penetrates soft tissue to a depth between 14 and 16 inches – precisely what the FBI test protocol calls for.

The JHP’s nose cavity stays unobstructed until it connects with soft tissue. That’s when pressure forces the jacket to divide along its six skives and spread outward. Under optimal circumstances the bullet produces six curling petals, each with a two-cornered tip.

Nickel-plated brass cases are reloadable, easier to see in the chamber under poor lighting, and resilient against corrosion. Alongside these rounds’ narrow bullet profiles, low-friction nickel also promotes smoother feeding in a semi-auto.
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