20rds - 30-30 Wolf Gold 150gr Soft Point Ammo

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20rds - 30-30 Wolf Gold 150gr Soft Point Ammo Details

Wolf cartridges are manufactured in Russia at the famous Tula Cartridge Plant using traditional, time-proven production techniques. Some of the most economical rounds on the market, Wolf ammunition is a favorite of high-volume shooters on a tight budget. Wolf Gold is Wolf’s premium line. Unlike Wolf’s standard steel-cased ammunition, Wolf Gold features high-quality, reloadable brass.

Each factory fresh .30-30 Winchester cartridge is loaded with a 150 grain jacketed flat soft point projectile. Perfect for lever action rifles, .30-30 soft points have killed more whitetails than any other load. Offering uniform mushrooming and effective energy transfer, these rounds produce effective wound channels on deer and other medium-size game.

This ammunition is boxer primed and uses non-corrosive propellants. Each round generates a muzzle velocity of 2379 feet per second. Each package contains 20 rounds.

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    30-30 Winchester
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