20rds – 30-06 Federal 165gr. TSX Ammo


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Federal Ammunition 165 Grain TSX Ammo Details

This 30-06 round by Federal showcases Barnes’ deadly TSX projectile. Thanks to its deep hollow point cavity, the TSX is consistently able to expand to twice its starting diameter as it whizzes through game, and it produces four edged petals as it does so. The TSX’s accuracy has been improved over that of its predecessor with the addition of four pressure relieving grooves to its shank, which further act to lessen the amount of fouling the TSX will inflict in the bore.

The TSX’s all-copper construction additionally improves its accuracy by giving it uniform density, and contributes much to how cleanly it shoots as well. Best of all, its monolithic structure gives the TSX exceptional toughness so that it can deliver near perfect weight retention during penetration, making its wound channel deep in addition to wide.

Whether your state’s laws necessitate the use of non-toxic ammunition or not, you’ll find everything to favor about this round. Federal’s brass casing ages well, feeds well, chambers well, and ejects well, and it’s the stuff a handloader is on the constant lookout for. Their propellant burns clean, which in conjunction with their non-corrosive primer even further lessens the impact this round will have on your rifle’s interior.
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