20rds – 250 Savage Hornady Custom 100gr. Interlock SP Ammo

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20rds – 250 Savage Hornady Custom 100gr. Interlock SP Ammo Details

These .250 Savage cartridges from Hornady's Custom line have been tuned to perfection and are capable of dropping large deer and elk with ease! Hornady has been around since 1949 and earned their fame due to unique projectile designs and unparalleled terminal performance. Today, their full-up ammunition is a quick ticket to shooting success and setting the table with premium cuts of meat. Their ammunition is American-made and comprises the best components available.

This particular load utilizes a reloadable brass casing equipped with non-corrosive Boxer primer and crowned with a 100-grain projectile. The bullet comes from Hornady's own Interlock Soft Point design which features a strong copper jacket with an exposed lead tip. The overall tapered shape of the projectile promotes low drag in flight and results in stellar accuracy. Upon impact, the soft nose of the bullet will cause expansion which in turn prevents over penetration while dumping massive amounts of energy into vital zones. The Interlock design binds the jacket of the bullet to its internal lead core and controls the rate of expansion; this allows the bullet to punch past thick hide and bone without jacket separation.
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