20rds – 223 Rem Federal Power-Shok 64gr. JSP Ammo

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Federal Ammunition 64 Grain Jacketed Soft-Point (JSP) Ammo Details

Don’t shoot mean looks at deer, varmints and predators. Shoot them with your AR-15 instead! Federal Power-Shok 223 Rem ammo provides the tried and true accuracy and terminal expansion you need to start bagging trophies left, right and center!

This cartridge is loaded with a heavier than average 64 grain projectile. Greater mass means greater momentum, so you’ll have an easier time overcoming wind drift while you’re homing in on your quarry. The jacketed soft point is durable enough to pierce hide and dense muscle without bursting apart into fragments, which is the terminal performance you need to reliably reach a critter’s vital zone. The JSP’s ductile lead core forces the bullet’s frontal section to flatten down on impact, thus producing the gaping wound channel that anchors small and medium game quickly.
This ammo’s heavy 0.256 G1 BC bullets will receive the best rotational stability from a 1:8” or 1:9” twist barrel, but you’re still fine if your rate of twist is a little faster or slower. Federal’s brass cases are precision drawn to promote reliable cycling in semi-automatics, and they are also noncorrosive Boxer-primed and repeatedly reloadable.
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