20rds – 10mm Winchester Silvertip 175gr. JHP Ammo

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20rds – 10mm Winchester Silvertip 175gr. JHP Ammo Details

Everyone notices the same thing right away about a Winchester Silvertip 10mm round. That’s one pretty jacketed hollow point! Its aluminum plating doesn’t actually give the JHP any practical benefits, but the bullet does deliver both the accuracy and the terminal expansion you want from your self-defense ammo.

No 10mm round is a weakling. This cartridge dumps enormous energy into its target, yet it doesn’t rely on brute force alone. In addition to being shiny, the JHP’s jacket wears multiple small notches. The jacket splits apart along these lines so it can peel backward uniformly, which promotes wide expansion even following impact at lower velocities!

The JHP’s jacket profile is also engineered to promote reliable functionality, so a jam is less likely to pop up when your life is at stake. If you fire these rounds at the range, you’ll have every reason to pluck their brass cases off of the ground so you or someone you know can reload them. Non-corrosive Boxer primed, of course, and made nowhere else but America.
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    10mm Auto
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