20rds – 10mm Federal Fusion 200gr. Bonded SP Ammo


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20rds – 10mm Federal Fusion 200gr. Bonded SP Ammo Details

Here’s some of the finest 10mm ammunition ever to come out of Minnesota. Federal Fusion 10mm is specifically designed for hunting applications, but no violent home invader or other species of lunatic would fare much better against it!

This round’s 200 grain bullet is a bonded soft point. Its copper jacket is electrochemically applied to its alloyed lead core, thus making the bullet durable enough to penetrate deeply as it avoids shedding any significant portion of its overall weight. So concentric a jacket further promotes excellent accuracy.

The Fusion bullet’s bonded jacket is skived, which programs it to control highly uniform expansion over a broad range of velocities. But even without its deep penetration and wide expansion, this is a round that hits hard – 485 ft lbs of energy at 100 yards when fired from a 6” barrel. Still, its recoil is not so enormous that you’ll find it impossible to squeeze off accurate follow-up shots!

This ammo’s durable soft point bullets are seated in top-of-the-line brass cases, with carefully matched primers and powder charges to ensure reliable and consistent performance. But for all its great quality, deer really do hate this ammo with a passion.
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