20rds – 10mm Corbon 150gr. JHP Ammo


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Corbon 150 Grain Jacketed Hollow-Point (JHP) Ammo Details

If you’re going through all the trouble of carrying around a couple pounds of gun, you’d might as well make certain its ammo is going to deliver when you need it to. Corbon, a family-owned manufacturer based in Ohio (go Cavs), is going to take good care of you with this 10mm ammo!

This 10mm round has the defender’s jacketed hollow point bullet. Its jacket is scored both inside and out to ensure fast, uniform terminal expansion. The JHP’s jacket and core peel back in unison to unleash double diameter expansion, which disperses traumatic energy while simultaneously tracking a huge injury into its target.

Corbon intentionally made this round’s bullet lightweight at 150 grains. This in turn amplifies its muzzle velocity – 1,325 fps out of a 4.6” barrel (roughly the same length as a Glock 20). At close range a bullet like this has over 500 ft lbs of energy to play around with, giving it the force requisite for more reliable terminal expansion accompanied by 9 to 15” of penetration!

Corbon’s ammo is brass cased, non-corrosive, and carefully inspected before it ships out of the Buckeye State.
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