200rds - 9mm Corbon 95gr. Beesafe Ammo

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  • Bullet Weight 95 Grain
  • Manufacturer SKU B09/95BE

This is 9mm Corbon 95gr. Beesafe Ammo. This ammo is made by Corbon and is similar to their glasier blue safety slug. It is loaded with #12 shot that is compressed into an almost solid form and then jacketed exposing only the tip of the compressed lead shot, which produces immediate energy dispersal into the target, reducing the possibility of over penetration and creating abrupt stopping power. This construction provides you with more rapid expansion and fragmentation.  Stopping power is maximized by the complete dispersal of the bullet energy into the intended target with immediate shock and trauma. This rapid fragmentation delivers the energy to a large area. This ammo has 1300 fps / 357 ftlbs. The ammo comes loose in 200rd boxes.

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