200rds – 7.62x51 Armscor 147gr. FMJ M80 Ammo

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200rds – 7.62x51 Armscor 147gr. FMJ M80 Ammo Details

Got a hungry AR-10 or any other 7.62x51 or 308 Win rifle? Let Armscor fill its gullet with an entire case of ammo!

The 7.62x51 M80 ball cartridge is used by the U.S. Armed Forces against personnel and other unarmored targets. Its 147 grain FMJ projectile does not expand after it sinks into soft tissue, however, making it no good for hunting game larger than coyote. This is the kind of bullet you want for target shooting, and perhaps home defense if you can make do without terminal expansion.

Please be advised that this round’s bullet does contain steel. That won’t impact its performance in any way, but many commercial ranges won’t let you fire magnetic ammo like this on their premises.

Armscor loads these cartridges with fresh brass cases. They weren’t shined up at the factory, so you can still see where they’ve been annealed for added suppleness and durability. The Philippine manufacturer only primes their centerfire cartridges with non-corrosive Boxers, so you’re all set to clean normally as well as handload after you’ve fired this ammo.
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    308 Winchester (7.62X51)
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