200rds – 45 ACP Hornady American Gunner 185gr. XTP Ammo


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Hornady Ammunition 185 Grain Jacketed Hollow-Point (JHP) Ammo Details

Looking for outstanding 45 ACP ammunition for self-defense? Hornady American Gunner series ammo will satisfy. It is a great ally to have in your magazine when the situation looks bleak!

This cartridge features Hornady’s acclaimed eXtreme Terminal Performance projectile, which you should just call the “XTP” to save time. The XTP’s jacket is both tapered and notched to ensure reliable expansion that increases the bullet’s diameter by up to 1.5x, and the jacket additionally shields the rim to avert a feeding jam at the worst possible moment. The XTP also provides the accuracy that will only increase your chances of walking away from an attack on your life unscathed.

Will this cartridge generate lower recoil because of its lightweight 185 grain bullet? If you fire this round in a 39 oz. M1911, it will produce approximately 5.44 ft lbs of recoil energy. In contrast, a cartridge with a 230 grain bullet and 835 fps muzzle velocity would produce approximately 6.13 ft lbs of recoil energy under the same conditions. That is not an extreme difference by any standard, although you may just notice less recoil and resultant muzzle flip with this round over one with a heavier bullet.

Hornady doesn’t waste an XTP by loading it with anything less than their very best brass, primer and propellant. Order today and prepare to learn the meaning of the phrase “fast shipping!”
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    45 ACP (Auto)
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