200rds – 350 Legend Winchester Deer Season XP 150gr. XP Ammo

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Winchester Ammunition 150 Grain Polymer Tipped Ammo Details

This 350 Legend cartridge from Winchester’s Deer Season XP label features the Extreme Point (XP) projectile. The 150 grain bullet looks different at a glance, because it has an unusually large polymer tip. Its tip’s wide base enables the XP to deliver a jolt of impact energy, and follow it up with immediate expansion. Eighty percent of the XP’s energy is transferred within the first few inches of entry, making it highly effective at killing thin-skinned whitetails right where they stand.

The XP’s jacket tapers to grow thicker toward its base. That helps keep the XP together during penetration, promoting a deeper wound channel. The XP is accurate in addition to deadly, so you’ll have all you need to knock over distant bucks.

Winchester makes great cartridges, especially when they are of their own design. This round’s brass shell casing is made for your 350 Legend rifle, and will fit in its chamber accordingly. Its explodey bits are non-corrosive and clean burning, and formulated to deliver a stable 2,325 fps muzzle velocity.
  • Casing Type
  • Bullet Weight
    150 Grain
  • Bullet Type
    Polymer Tipped
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