200rds - 308 Win Hornady TAP Heavy Barrier 165gr. GMX HP Ammo

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  • Bullet Weight 165 Grain
  • Manufacturer SKU 80985

This is 308 Win Hornady TAP Heavy Barrier 165gr. GMX Hollow Point Ammo. TAP Heavy Barrier turns cover into concealment. The 165 gr. GMX TAP Heavy Barrier is constructed of a monolithic material and has a double cannelured design. It is constructed entirely of gilding metal, the same alloy we’ve used to make Hornady bullet jackets for decades. It shoots cleaner than pure copper, fouls less and delivers devastating terminal performance. The Gilding Metal eXpanding (GMX) bullet penetrates heavy barriers such as 1” laminated glass with exceptional weight retention while still delivering superior terminal performance on the other side. This ammo is brass cased, boxer primed, non-magnetic and non-corrosive. This ammo comes packaged 20rds to a box, 200rds to a case. Muzzle Velocity: 2611 FPS.

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