200rds - 300 Whisper Corbon Hunter 150gr. JSP Ammo

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200rds - 300 Whisper Corbon Hunter 150gr. JSP Ammo Details

This is 300 Whisper Corbon Hunter 150gr. Jacketed Soft Point Ammo. Corbon's Bonded-Core style soft point bullets are true heavy-duty hunting bullets of the highest quality. Each bullet is carefully weighed, swaged and inspected by hand to ensure that you have the strongest bonded bullet available. The soft lead core is bonded to the outer jacket to make a bullet that will not break apart. These bullets stay together when pushed to very high velocities - they expand producing excellent knockdown power and stay in one mass to provide deep controlled penetration. This is the bullet you need for deer, bear, elk, moose, and other trophy game animals.

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    300 Whisper
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