200rds – 300 AAC Blackout Winchester USA 147gr. FMJ Ammo


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Winchester Ammunition 147 Grain Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) Ammo Details

Is the 300 AAC Blackout really a hipster cartridge? We don’t think so. We’ve been inside more than a couple of college town coffee shops. There were plenty of people with nose piercings and odd hair colors, but not a single one of them had a 300 BLK rifle.

But you do have a 300 BLK rifle – and we’ve got your ammo! These range loads were manufactured in the USA by Winchester, and they feature 147 grain full metal jacket projectiles. No subsonic performance here. You get a 1,920 fps muzzle velocity when you peel off one of these rounds, so you’ll make a cracking report before witnessing a flat and accurate trajectory. The FMJ’s solid lead core is nestled within a layer of hard gilding metal. It’s completely nonmagnetic, and it has a cannelure to preserve factory seating depth.

Winchester’s noncorrosive Boxer-primed brass cases are always worth saving as handloading components. Don’t be put off by the cases’ necks, as they’re only gray because they were annealed at the factory. Winchester simply didn’t enhance the brass’s cosmetics by giving it a polish after heat-treating it for added suppleness.
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