200rds – 300 AAC Blackout Federal Fusion MSR 150gr. Bonded SP Ammo

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Federal Ammunition 150 Grain Bonded Soft Point Ammo Details

This 300 AAC Blackout ammunition by Federal Premium plays our favorite song: BLAM BLAM BLAM! But it’s not just good for waking the neighbors. Fusion MSR series ammo features Federal’s own bonded deer hunting projectile, and it’s also optimized for superior functionality in all modern sporting rifles.

The Fusion soft point receives its bonded jacket in the same fashion as Speer’s acclaimed Gold Dot. The pressure-formed alloyed lead core is electrochemically fused to its copper-alloy jacket one atom at a time, thus rendering the two components nearly inseparable from one another. The Fusion SP remains intact so it can conserve enough momentum to punch a deep wound channel into its target. And because the bullet’s skived jacket equips it to expand so effectively, that wound channel is also wide enough to deliver a whitetail its clean, fast and humane death.

How is this ammo optimized for an MSR rifle? Its propellant is formulated to burn fast and clean, as well as with minimal flash that won’t compromise the shooter’s vision while they are firing in low lighting. Its noncorrosive Boxer primers are designed for optimal compatibility with an MSR’s free-floating firing pin as well. Federal’s virgin brass cases are reloadable as always!
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