200rds – 30-30 Federal Power-Shok 125gr. Soft HP Ammo


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  • Casing Type Brass
  • Bullet Weight 125 Grain
  • Bullet Type Hollow Soft Point (HSP)
  • Manufacturer Federal Ammunition
  • Manufacturer SKU 3030C
  • Muzzle Energy 1833
  • Muzzle Velocity 2570
  • Primer Type Boxer

Federal Ammunition 125 Grain Hollow Soft Point (HSP) Ammo Details

These excellent .30-30 Winchester rounds from Federal's "Power-Shok" brand are effective, efficient, and highly affordable. Each of these varmint-dropping cartridges is assembled using a reloadable brass casing which houses a 125 grain soft hollow-point projectile and is equipped with a non-corrosive Boxer primer for clean, reliable function. The soft hollow-point bullet has a copper jacket which ends at its tip where a hollow cavity is carved into the exposed lead; this design promotes rapis expansion at any contact angle or practical velocity. The flat shape of the bullet's tip alongside the hollow center make this round safe for use in tubular magazines while its taper resists in-flight drag.

At the center of the bullet's jacket, a toothed cannelure serves to prevent accuracy-draining setback. During entry, expansion will occur at a rapid rate making these rounds ideal for predators, varmints and other small game. Thanks to the light weight of 125 grains, shooters can expect a flat trajectory for easy aiming at long distance. Federal's Power-Shok lines is supported by decades of manufacturing experience and field feedback and aims to arm hunters at a reasonable price.

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