200rds – 30-06 Federal 165gr. TSX Ammo

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Federal Ammunition 165 Grain TSX Ammo Details

It’s important to lead with your aim sometimes. But what if you don’t want to shoot lead where you’re aiming? That’s when you want this 30-06 Springfield ammunition by Federal Premium, which features nothing less than the Barnes Triple-Shock X!

The TSX doesn’t contain a single atom of lead. Instead this round’s bullet is made of 100% copper, a metal that makes it nontoxic and accurate. The TSX can’t weaken rifling’s ability to stabilize subsequent projectiles by depositing lead residue on it, and its Accu-Groove further serves to reduce fouling. The TSX’s precision heel radius gives propellant gasses an extremely uniform surface to push against. Its sleek, aerodynamic profile only contributes further to the bullet’s laser-like trajectory.

The TSX doesn’t merely impress with its accuracy. It also kills fast with its deep penetration, which it assures by retaining the virtual entirety of its weight following impact. Its small hollow point nose cavity is all the TSX needs to double its original diameter before finally coming to a rest – a feat it achieves by erecting four blade-like petals, each of which curls outward to track a devastating wound channel in its path.

Federal’s reliable primers, clean-burning powder and smooth-cycling nickel-plated brass cases all do their best to complement so effective a monolithic hunting projectile. Order the case and give deer what for!
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    Deer Hunting
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    Nickel-Plated Brass
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