200rds – 223 Rem Winchester Varmint X 40gr. Polymer Tip Ammo


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Winchester Ammunition 40 Grain Polymer Tipped Ammo Details

Some varmints like digging holes alongside your home’s foundation. Others place their holes in pastures – each one a potential ankle injury for an unsuspecting cow. Some varmints are gracious enough to mind their own business, but at the end of the day they’re all fun to shoot. Here’s the American-made 223 Rem ammo you need to send any varmint packing!

This cartridge is armed with a 40 grain polymer tipped projectile. That’s over 25 percent lighter than what’s normal for a 223 round, which means its going to supply an outstandingly flat trajectory at close-to-medium range. The accurate little bullet features a solid lead core and specially engineered thin jacket that deliver fast and explosive fragmentation immediately following impact. It’s a bit like shooting a miniature grenade at small game!

Varmint X ammunition features Winchester’s characteristically high-quality reloadable brass cases, as well as the clean-igniting primers and powder that preserve accuracy while you’re hunting out in the wilderness. Get your 10 boxes delivered direct to your doorstep now!
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