200rds - 223 Barnes VOR-TX 55gr. TSX FB Ammo

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200rds - 223 Barnes VOR-TX 55gr. TSX FB Ammo Details

An industry leader in bullet innovation and design, Barnes designs products with amazing accuracy, precision, and terminal performance. Founded by Fred Barnes in a Colorado basement in 1932, Barnes has become a highly respected name in the ammunition industry.

This Barnes VOR-TX ammunition is factory fresh and loaded with 55 grain Triple Shock flat base (TSX FB) projectiles, some of the deadliest bullets in the industry. Barnes’ most-popular hunting bullet, TSX is made of 100 percent copper. These proprietary projectiles expand instantly on target impact, offering double-diameter expansion, maximum weight retention, and pass-through penetration. The nose of these copper projectiles peels back upon expansion to form razor-sharp petals that slice through muscle, bone, and vital organs for quick, humane kills.

Leaving the muzzle at a velocity of 3240 feet per second with 1282 foot pounds of energy, these loads are best-suited for hunting varmints, predators and wild hogs. Each box contains 200 rounds of Barnes VOR-TX .223 Remington ammunition. Non-corrosive and boxer primed, these rounds feature high-quality, reloadable brass cases.

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    Boar Hunting, Deer Hunting, Varmint Hunting
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    223 Remington
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