200rds – 10mm Winchester Silvertip 175gr. JHP Ammo

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200rds – 10mm Winchester Silvertip 175gr. JHP Ammo Details

You’re signing up for the added weight and recoil of a 10mm pistol because they’re worth the price of carrying enough gun. Here’s your chance to order something equally important – enough 10mm self-defense ammo by Winchester, one of the biggest names in the industry.

We’ve got to state the obvious here: Silvertip ammunition does not contain silver. The 175 grain jacketed hollow point is plated with lustrous nickel. Nickel may look striking, but it doesn’t actually help the JHP strike harder. The 10mm doesn’t need any help in that department, anyway, because at close range this round is going to dump absolutely crippling kinetic energy into its target. The Silvertip JHP does sport an aggressively notched jacket, which helps the bullet to expand wider and more reliably at longer ranges.

Winchester doesn’t promise “The Power to Defend” and then load underwhelming supporting components. These rounds are outfitted with the first-rate reloadable brass cases, trusty Boxer primers and consistent propellant charges that are all requisites for trusty performance in a wide range of pistols and carbines.
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