150rds – 5.56x45 Hornady Frontier 55gr. FMJ M193 Ammo

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150rds – 5.56x45 Hornady Frontier 55gr. FMJ M193 Ammo Details

Hornady’s Frontier line of ammunition is loaded at the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant. That means this 5.56x45 ammo is fundamentally identical to the M193 ammo which the Armed Forces issue for field use with the M16A1 rifle. You couldn’t ask for something much better for target shooting with your AR-15!

An M193 round has a 55 grain bullet, and at 3,240 fps its muzzle velocity falls exactly within correct military specs. As an FMJ the bullet possesses a solid lead core and copper alloy jacket – nothing fancy to enable terminal expansion, but the bullet will fragment if it hits soft tissue at high to medium velocity. We’d trust Frontier ammo for home defense.

This ammo has military-grade brass cases, with primer crimps you’ll have to remove if you want to reload them. Non-corrosive Boxer primers plus low residue propellant equals clean, reliable ignition that you can count on to fully cycle your rifle. If you own an AR-15, this is its ammo!
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