100rds - .223 DRS 62gr. M-855 Penetrator Ammo

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  • Bullet Weight 62 Grain

This ammo is manufactured with once fired U.S. military brass. The brass will be Lake City (LC) or Winchester (WCC). It all comes off of military bases, so it is guaranteed to be once fired. It is processed and loaded by D.R.S. Manufacturing. They are a licensed and insured manufacturing company. They manufacture a full line of new and reloaded rifle and pistol ammo. This ammo is all loaded on fully automatic military loading machines. They use winchester primers, USGI M-855 62gr. bullets, and Winchester powder. The M-855 bullets used in this ammo was a military overrun that DRS purchased a few years ago so they were never sent to paint to get the green tip before they were sold, but they are USGI M-855 bullets. This is some excellent ammunition, we have sold their ammo for over 7 years and have had no complaints. You will be amazed at how accurate and clean it is. It will come packed loose.

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