1000rds - 9x18 Makarov Silver Bear 94gr. FMJ Ammo

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1000rds - 9x18 Makarov Silver Bear 94gr. FMJ Ammo Details

Bulk 9x18 Makarov Silver Bear 94 Grain FMJ Ammo – 1000 Rounds

Manufactured at the Barnaul Machine Plant in Russia, Silver Bear ammunition gets its name from the highly-polished zinc-plated steel casings. Designed to prevent damaging corrosion, the special silver-colored zinc plating works to extend the shelf life of these rounds, giving them great potential as a long-term storage option.

Barnaul is one of the largest Russian ammo manufacturers, and is best known for producing high-quality ammunition for the Russian military. Their civilian loads offer shooters an affordable option for high-volume shooting.

This package contains 1000 rounds of Silver Bear 9x18 Makarov ammunition. Each of these economical rounds is loaded with a 94 grain full metal jacket (FMJ) projectile. Delivering minimal terminal expansion, these rounds are best suited for target shooting, tactical drills, and casual plinking.

This ammunition is factory fresh, non-corrosive, Berdan-primed, and fully reloadable. Leaving the muzzle at a velocity of 1013 feet per second, these steel-cased rounds offer all the same characteristics of nickel plated brass, but at a fraction of the cost.

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    9mm Makarov (9x18mm)
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