1000rds – 9mm IMI 115gr. FMJ Ammo

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Israeli Military Industries 115 Grain Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) Ammo Details

There are two ways to get your hands on IMI 9mm ammo. The first is to fly to Israel (or take a boat, if you have the time) and join the army. This is not advisable, because the Israeli army almost certainly serves kosher food – which means no more pepperoni for you. The second way is to order this case of ammo from Ammo To Go.

This ammo is all your handgun needs to become a splendid companion the next few times you take it to the range. The FMJ is the standard target shooting projectile, and IMI’s jacket and core are both entirely steel-free for compliance at ranges which ban magnetic ammo. 115 grains is the lightest a standard 9mm bullet commonly weighs – you’ll see a flat trajectory without having to bear very much recoil energy.

IMI doesn’t load ammo the cheap way. That means this 9mm ammo has the Boxer primers and new brass cases which handloaders like to see. The primers in these recently manufactured rounds do not cause corrosion.
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    Israeli Military Industries
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    Range Training
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