1000rds – 5.56x45 Magtech 62gr. FMJ Ammo

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Magtech 62 Grain Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) Ammo Details

Everyone loves 5.56x45 M855 ammunition … well, almost everyone, that is. Some commercial ranges prohibit M855 because the steel inside its bullets can damage their equipment, as well as create sparks. If you frequent a range which ixnays M855 – and you want to fire M855 – that kind of puts you in a tight spot.

Or at least it would, if not for this 5.56x45 ammunition by Magtech of Brazil. This round is loaded with a 62 grain full metal jacket, so its ballistic performance is pretty much apples-to-apples the same as true M855. But if you were to cut this round’s FMJ in half, you would only find a solid lead core and a copper-jacket; i.e. zero steel. It can’t attract a magnet!

This cartridge’s heavier bullet will attain a muzzle velocity of 3,085 fps when fired from a 20” barrel. Zero in at 200 yards, and you can reasonably anticipate -6.9” drop at 300 yards. In addition to nonmagnetic FMJs, Magtech loads this ammo with virgin brass cases and noncorrosive Boxer primers. If you’re a handloading devotee, this ammo’s cases will keep you busy.
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