1000rds – 5.56x45 Armscor 62gr. FMJ M855 Ammo

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1000rds – 5.56x45 Armscor 62gr. FMJ M855 Ammo Details

You may not have a single thing to say about the Philippines. But once you’ve ordered an entire case of Armscor’s 5.56x45 M855 ammunition, you’ll be able to say your range loads came from the Southeast Asian country!

M855 (aka SS109) ammunition features a special bullet: the 62 grain FMJ “penetrator,” which is named after the seven-grain solid steel cone beneath the tip of its green-painted jacket. Most importantly, the M855 projectile will attract a magnet, which means it is banned from many indoor ranges. It will also reliably penetrate 1/8” thick sheet steel at ranges beyond 600 yards, and possibly split into two pieces if it enters a soft medium. But if you’re only shooting range targets, you’ll still appreciate the M855 bullet’s excellent ballistic performance (just don’t shoot steel targets with this ammo unless you want to permanently damage them).

This is noncorrosive, Boxer-primed and brand new ammunition, complete with reloadable brass cases. Why are the cases discolored around their mouths? That’s simply the cosmetic byproduct of the annealing process which all brass cases undergo for added durability. Military grade brass cases aren’t polished – there would be no point, because shinier brass cases would only serve to make a soldier's position more visible during combat.
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