1000rds – 40 S&W Federal LE BallistiClean 125gr. RHT Frangible


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Federal Ammunition 125 Grain Frangible Ammo Details

Are you going to shoot some steel targets and would rather not be grazed by tiny little pieces of bullet shrapnel ricocheting back at you? You’re not alone, which is why Federal offers their BallistiClean line of ammunition. This 40 S&W cartridge features a 125 grain RHT (Reduced Hazard Training) projectile, which is frangible so that it disintegrates instantly upon impact to drastically lessen the chance of potentially harmful splash-back occurring. This round isn’t the worst choice for home defense for that matter -- its ability to harm organic targets without penetrating walls may spare you some extremely unwanted grief during an already undesirable situation.

You wouldn’t want to accidentally mix one of these rounds in with your regular range ammo or your self-defense loads, but Federal has thought of that, too -- their distinctive “NT” headstamps and copper plated primers make them identifiable at a glance. Invest in this case of excellent specialized ammo and enjoy the difference the next time you make some steel sing for you!
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    40 Smith & Wesson
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