1000rds – 38 Special Ammo Inc. 125gr. TMJ Ammo


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Ammo Incorporated 125 Grain Total Metal Jacket (TMJ) Ammo Details

We don’t have to elaborate all the ways in which lead isn’t good for your health. You already know the heavy metal isn’t good for you. But if you fire conventional target ammunition at an indoor range, you’re necessarily inhaling lead vapor. If only there was a better way…

This 38 Special ammunition by Ammo Inc. is the better way. That’s because it is loaded with 125 grain total metal jacket bullets (the manufacturer refers to the TMJ as a “total metal case,” but they’re one and the same bullet). The TMJ’s lead core is completely sealed in by its copper-alloy jacket, which eliminates the production of lead vapor while the bullet’s base is licked by hot propellant gasses. A TMJ’s inability to emit aerosolized lead has the added advantage of greatly slowing the rate of barrel fouling!

Ammo Inc.’s 38 Special ammunition is compatible with all 357 Magnum revolvers and rifles. Its reloadable brass cases, noncorrosive Boxer primers and Hyperclean Technology propellant are all made in America! This ammo is also nonmagnetic, so have at it at any range you please.
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