1000rds – 32 ACP PMC Bronze 60gr. JHP Ammo


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PMC Ammunition 60 Grain Jacketed Hollow-Point (JHP) Ammo Details

Stock up for self-defense and training purposes the smartest way possible with this 1,000 round bulk case of .32 ACP from PMC. Buying personal defense ammo in bulk allows you to test your gun for reliability and accuracy with jacketed hollow-point (JHP) bullets while also training with the very same rounds that you'll carry. In addition, you're sure to have plenty of ammo leftover for refreshing magazines as you see fit. This cartridge profile features a reloadable brass casings fitted with a clean-igniting primer and topped off with a 60 grain projectile; this is light for the caliber but allows for a hot load that produces impressive muzzle velocity and results in deeper penetration which is imperative to seek out when carrying smaller, rimmed calibers.

PMC's JHP design includes a deep cavity with a wide mouth that has precisely cut serrations at its border. These cuts guide the method of expansion on impact for controlled deformation that won't separate the copper jacket from the lead core. As a result, these bullets are intended to mushroom out while traveling into a threat's vital organs in order to cause a quick stop. PMC ammo is manufactured in South Korea using techniques and practices which make the local military completely self-sufficient. Their cartridges are notable for high quality due to the use of components which are made in-house under stringent standards and protocols.

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    32 Auto (ACP)
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