1000pcs - 9mm .356" Dia Berry's 124gr. Thick-Plated HB-RN Bullets


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1000pcs - 9mm .356" Dia Berry's 124gr. Thick-Plated HB-RN Bullets Details

Berry's has developed these thick-plated bullets for reloaders who demand increased durability for high velocities and +P load recipes! The resilient copper plating is applied via an electrolysis process and does not compromise the .356 inch diameter of these bullets but does allow for speeds up to 1,500 feet-per-second. Unlike other plated bullets, this opens up the opportunity to replicate high pressure defense cartridges for range training or to make power factor in competitive use. This 124 grain bullet design also features a round nose for reliable feeding and a hollow base with no exposed lead portions

The hollow base of these 9mm projectiles allows for a more pronounced length which promotes increased contact with the rifling of your handgun's barrel. This improves spin stability and produces impressive accuracy and tighter groups on target. Handloaders need not worry as these uniquely shaped bullets can be successfully used with conventional recipes for 124 grain 9x19mm cartridges. Berry's ingenuity and "Double-Struck" refinement process has been serving American shooters with quality components since 1961. Their reputation for consistent thickness and precise measurements hails from the owning family's values and tradition of remarkable workmanship.

  • Cost Per Round
  • Bullet Weight
  • Bullet Caliber
    357 Sig, 9mm
  • Bullet Diameter
    .356 Inches
  • Quantity
  • Bullet Type
    Plated Round Nose
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